A little bit about Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Spanning 65,000 hectares, the Sabi Sands Nature Reserve is a testament to the vision of local landowners in the 1950s. It stands proudly adjacent to the globally acclaimed Kruger National Park, forming a vast wilderness teeming with wildlife.

The legacy of these founding families, now in their third and fourth generations of stewardship, resonates in the successful conservation of South Africa's richest density of big game. A unique feature of Sabi Sands is its 50-kilometer unfenced boundary with the Kruger National Park, creating a harmonious coexistence that allows wildlife to roam freely. This has led to remarkably close encounters with the local fauna, including prolific sightings of the elusive leopard. The dynamic landscape is further enriched by the Sabi and Sand Rivers, weaving their way through the reserve, enhancing the rich biodiversity of this extraordinary habitat.


Going on safari in Sabi Sands

Embark on an incredible journey to Sabi Sands Nature Reserve in South Africa, but before you go, there are some important details you should know.

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  • So incredible, we started to plan a return trip during the flight home!

    scooby19 about Londolozi Pioneer Camp on Tripadvisor
  • The food was spectacular - budget on gaining a kg or 3! Good, fresh South African food, prepared and served in style. You will love it!

    Bushbuddies about Notten's Bush Camp on Tripadvisor
  • ...the highlights being following a pack of wild dogs and watching a leopard and her cub jumping from branch to branch high up in the trees.

    JoHunckle about Dulini Lodge on Tripadvisor

Sabi Sands Game Reserve lodges

Set off on a journey to Sabi Sands Nature Reserve, a captivating destination that offers a unique safari experience. After a day filled with discovery and exploration in the African bush, you'll appreciate a tranquil haven to relax and recharge.

Sabi Sands caters to every taste and budget with its varied accommodations. From cozy bush camps tucked away in the wilderness to luxury options beneath the stunning African night sky, there's a unique experience for every traveller. A stay in the Sabi Sands not only promises unforgettable moments, but also fosters a lasting bond with the pulsing heart of the African bush, leaving an enduring memory long after your journey is over.

Sabi Sands Video

The best way of getting an idea what the Sabi Sands Game Reserve is about is by seeing some incredible footage from the area. We went out with our video camera and spent a lot of time outdoors to get you some of the most beautiful shots of the reserve imaginable.

Visit our Sabi Sands videos overview page for more videos and get inspired for your Sabi Sands safari.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve - South Africa
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  • The staff went out of their way to make our wedding and honeymoon as special as it could ever be. We were blown away.

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  • Great place for viewing big cats!

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