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Singita Sweni Lodge

Lodge style River retreat

Hideaway among ancient trees in Kruger National Park

Positioned in a remote corner of Kruger National Park, Singita Sweni Lodge serves as a secluded haven where the untamed beauty of Africa unfolds around every corner. This exceptional lodge, delicately placed on the lush banks of the Sweni River, masterfully combines innovative design with an authentic wilderness atmosphere, creating an ideal retreat for those who cherish nature and refined elegance.

The lodge's design ethos is rooted in a modern African context, where bold architecture meets sophisticated luxury. Each of the seven meticulously crafted suites is a private retreat, hidden amongst a lush canopy of trees, emphasizing privacy and serene river views. The lodge's signature feature is its open-plan suites, each boasting an outdoor shower with panoramic views, and dual bathrooms, providing you the luxury of space and connection to the tranquil surroundings.

At Singita Sweni Lodge, the guest suites are more than just places to sleep; they are sanctuaries of peace and luxury. Each suite is an artwork in itself, inspired by the colors and forms of nature – think beetle shells, bird wings, and vibrant African hues. The lodge offers six Sweni Suites and a Pool Suite, each featuring expansive glass walls and flowing interiors that capture the essence of indoor-outdoor living.

Perhaps the most striking feature of these suites is the full-length glass walls which open out onto private wooden decks. Here, guests find a small dining area and an oversized day bed, ideal for a night under the stars or an afternoon siesta. The Pool Suite elevates the experience further, offering a private swimming pool and a shaded deck for ultimate relaxation and privacy.

Activities at Singita Sweni Lodge

More than a mere luxury retreat, Singita Sweni Lodge is a gateway to unparalleled wildlife adventures. Located in a private stretch of Kruger National Park, the lodge promises exclusive wildlife sightings and personal encounters with the majesty of the African bush.

Daily safari activities at Singita are crafted to offer intimate wildlife engagements. Whether it’s during the thrilling morning game drives, the serene sunset safaris, or the adventurous walking safaris, each experience is unique. Guided by expert field guides, guests can expect to encounter a plethora of wildlife including lions, elephants, rhinos, and leopards.

For those looking to delve deeper into the African bush, the walking safaris offer a unique perspective. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and tracker, this activity allows guests to experience the ecosystem up-close, learning about the smaller intricacies of the bush that are often overlooked during game drives.

Each safari is an unscripted exploration of the wilderness, promising personal encounters with wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, all while contributing to Singita’s conservation efforts to preserve these pristine areas for future generations.

Food & wine at Singita Sweni Lodge

Adding to the allure, Singita Sweni offers a sensational dining experience, with menus that blend African flavors with global gastronomy, complemented by an exceptional selection of premium wines. Personalized wine tastings with expert sommeliers enhance the gourmet journey, making every meal a memorable event.

Tripadvisor comments Singita Sweni Lodge

The whole team was absolutely fantastic, smiles and attention to detail all over. The food was WOW - being a vegan & vegetarian & pescatarian family - it can be very challenging however the team faced it with such a professional level.

from Cape Town, South Africa

My wife and I just visited this lodge as part of our South African safari. We had a wonderful time. The people were great: friendly, attentive and warm. The facilities are top notch as is the food. The setting on the river makes for interesting viewing.

from Hingham